Design a room you’ll adore with our bespoke made to measure Sunwood and Aluminium Venetian blinds. 

Sunwood and Aluminium Venetian blinds offer full control over the lighting levels in your home as well as offering good privacy levels. On a bright and sunny day, simply tilting the slats backwards to face the window a little will deflect and diffuse any strong sunlight. This reduces glare without blocking light and helps to protect furnishings and fabrics from sun damage and fading. Similarly on a dull day, if the blinds are tilted forward slightly then as much light as possible will be directed into the room without having to have the blind fully open which would compromise privacy levels.

You can achieve a good level of light protection with venetian blinds but not true blackout shading. The nature of the way in which the blinds are constructed, means that even though the slats are designed to overlap each other a fraction when they are tilted into the closed position, there will always be some light penetration filtering in between the individual slats.

We also offer, Louvolite Perfect Fit, designed to fit inside uPVC window frames. Available in Venetian, Roller or Pleated styles. Drill-free non-intrusive installation ideal for rental properties and home owners alike. Each blind comes with an integrated frame that consequently provides a stylishly seamless look.

If you're unsure what colour or style you would like then we work with you and give advice on options to ensure you create the perfect look for your home.

Cords and chains pose a potential danger to young children. All our blinds come made and fitted to ‘Make it Safe’ standards. Therefore you can be confident your blinds are safe for any toddlers that visit.

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